Holy Trinity

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Tamra, wrecked with grief over the tragic passing of her daughter, finds comfort in the welcoming arms of the church while her husband, Joe Joe takes solace in whatever liquor he can gulp down. With her marriage teetering on the edge of oblivion, Tamra is faced with not one but 2 chances for a way out. As she struggles to remain faithful to her husband and resist the urge to fall deeper in love with the bishop's single, saved, and sexy son, in walks a dear friend and old lover...the first man to make Tamra's toes curl. She's stuck between the loving and sensual arms of Quinton Davis or the twice blessed hands of Elijah McCall. She can almost feel Hell's flames on the hem of her skirt. Or maybe it's just the way all three of these men make her feel. THE FATHER of her kids, THE preacher's SON, and the one who can make her catch THE HOLY GHOST. Which way will she turn? How will Tamra handle this Not-So-Holy Trinity?