Ties That Bind

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It is inevitable. When in a relationship, it is natural to befriend the friends of your mate. Before you know it, the group feels more like a family. At times, it is a dysfunctional family. What happens when you are forced to choose between the sisterhood you've forged and the man who introduced you to it?
Yvonne and Marv are recently engaged and deeply in love; just not always with each other. Marv has a lot of love to go around. His infidelities set off a chain of events that threaten to break the foundation that the group of friends is built on and has Yvonne seeing red.
Octavia and Terrance have it all. They are the beautiful people. Nice house...luxury cars...and they are swimming in name brand everything. Little does everyone know, they are drowning in debt. Octavia is constantly juggling between being the peacemaker of the ladies and making peace with the fact that the man she loves cannot be trusted with their financial stability. From the outside looking in, everyone is green with envy. But they shouldn't be.
Alana and George are simple folks. They have respectable jobs and a quiet life. But heroes come in unlikely uniforms. George is so busy being a caped crusader to his entire family and often forces Alana to play his trusty sidekick. It is a gig she didn't sign up for and one she doesn't know how to quit. If he doesn't learn how to stand up to his needy mother, she's going to quit him. George was once Alana's Black knight. Now she sees him as just a yellow-bellied coward.
Kimber and Butch are the only married couple out of the group and they are the poster children for why no one else should join them. A dark secret from Butch's past haunts the two and prevents them from true happiness. When Kimber sets out to find happiness of her own, she finds it in the arms of another man. How Butch responds alters the lives of everyone involved. He is surrounded by blue.
The drama starts as the crew attends the engagement party of Yvonne and Marv, with each couple donned in the hue that matches the secrets they are trying desperately to keep. And it just heats up from there. The mercury rises and this Texas tale gets hotter than the asphalt in July. The women may need to cut heartstrings with one another to save their own relationships. They are all trying to figure out a way to set themselves free from... Ties That Bind.